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Autobleep 8 Channel GSM Controller

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The AutoBleep remote SMS controller provides an inexpensive and easily implemented solution for monitoring and controlling remote devices through the use of an ordinary cellular telephone.

By simply sending a short SMS message from your mobile telephone, you can easily turn devices on or off.

In addition, devices can be monitored through the Autobleep's inputs which will immediately notify you and/or other mobile phone users of events through user-preset SMS messages.

The Autobleep can be used in a wide range of applications such as security, home automation, industrial control & monitoring, agriculture, vehicle management and many more.

A typical home automation application would allow you to turn lighting or garden sprinklers on and off, open and close automatic gates and doors, and even control water heaters and other domestic appliances - all by means of a few keystrokes on your ordinary cellular phone - from almost anywhere in the world! At the same time, simple alarm sensors could notify you of the presence of intruders in or around your home. Notificaton of intrusions could also be sent to your neighbours and/or security service so that immediate action can be taken to protect your assets!

Weight 460gr
Dimensions 153mm x 127mm x 45mm
Outputs 8 x DPST relays 230V 5A
Inputs 8 x AC/DC 5V - 18V opto-isolated Input/Output Isolation 5000V
Power Supply 11V - 16V DC
Power Consumption All outputs OFF - 42mA
Power Consumption All outputs ON - 480mA
Operating Temp 0 - 70 Deg. C

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Category: GSM Devices

Product weight: 0.5 kg.

Product code - SKU: 1675

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