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 Centurion D5 Evo Kit images

  • Centurion D5 Evo Kit images
  • Centurion D5 Evo Kit images
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Centurion D5 Evo Kit

SKU: 07051

Price: R4 849

  price may vary based on raz rack per metre


In stock

Free shipping to Gauteng.


 Main features

  • Battery backup - with South Africa's electricity woes why buy a motor without.
  • Potent push force
  • Intelligent speed control - gate motor slows down at the end of its run so it doesn't slam into the stops.
  • Rapid and smooth opening and closing
  • Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface - No need to call out an installer when you want to make changes to the setup.
  • Onboard NOVA (KeeloqTM encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete - If you lose a remote, then just delete that remote. No need to clear all the remotes and reprogram them one at a time.
  • Multiple operating features including Alarm Modes (a world first) - Connect the motor to your alarm system, if someone tampers with it then your alarm will be activated.
  • Integral ChronoGuard timer functionality - Your garden service remote can be limited to the days and hours they are allowed access.

Kit includes:
1 x D5 Evo Motor
1 x 4m Nylon Raz Rack
2 x Nova 4ch Remotes
1 x 12V Battery

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Product details

Category: Automation

Product weight: 10 kg.

Manufacturer: Centurion

Product code - SKU: 07051

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