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 ET Blu 6 Button Code Hopping Remote images

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ET Blu 6 Button Code Hopping Remote

SKU: 0808

Price: R275

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Remote control for gate and garage doors.

Technical specifications and features

 Standard rolling code format:

Unlike a fixed code format remote control system that transmits the exact same code every time you operate your remote control device, the Keeloq rolling code format transmits a random code with every operation. This unique coding format is factory programmed. The only way to add a new transmitter to your security system is to program it into your receiver memory.

The ET-Blu Mix makes use of an enhanced rolling code format currently offering the user the ultimate in transmitter transmission security. A unique feature is that the user has the option of selecting either the new enhanced rolling code or the previous existing rolling code format, which makes the product backward compatible to E.T. rolling code receivers.

 The ET-Blu Mix range of transmitters is fully compatible with the ET500 Plus, ET1000 and Umpetha sliding gate motors, 90 Blue and Axis swing gate motors, DC Blue Digital and ET Roll-Up garage door motors, 1 channel, 3 channel and the 999 user RXCONDO rolling code receivers.

 Special features:

• Enhanced rolling code format

• Dual code system

• Fully compatible with E.T. rolling code receivers

• Each transmitter button is selectable between new and old code format

• LED indication of new and old code transmission

• Stylish and compact design

• Durable and robust

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Product details

Category: Remotes

Product weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: E.T. Systems

Front case colour: Blue

Back case colour: Blue

Light Colour: Red

Frequency: 433MHz

No of Buttons: Six

Button Colour: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Product code - SKU: 0808

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