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 Griffon Cloning Remote 3 Button 403MHz images

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Griffon Cloning Remote 3 Button 403MHz

SKU: 1054

Price: R195

In stock

Free postage for orders over R100 and less than 2kg.

Remote control for gate and garage doors.

This remotes clones/copies other fixed code remotes on 403MHz. To copy a remote: Push and hold Griffon remote button, wait for light to switch off (continue to hold button), press button on existing remote, Griffon remote's light flashes, release button

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Product details

Category: Remotes

Product weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: Griffon Remotes

Front case colour: Blue

Back case colour: Blue

No of Buttons: Three

Light Colour: Blue

Frequency: 403MHz

Button Colour: Blue, Green, Red

Product code (SKU): 1054

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