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 Marantec Remote 4 Button images

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Marantec Remote 4 Button

SKU: 0126

Price: R375



In stock

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This remote is suitable for the Marantec and Dortech gate and garage motors. It is available in two types, make sure you select the correct one as they are not interchangeable.

433MHz: This remote is completely grey in colour. The top and bottom halves of the casing are the same shade of grey.

868MHz: This remote has two shades of grey, the top half is lighter in colour than the bottom half.

Programming is easy, insert the provided program pins into the sides of the remotes. Press the original button, while holding the button down press the new remote. The LED on the new remote will flash a few times indicating sucessful programming.

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Product details

Category: Remotes

Product weight: 0.25 kg.

Manufacturer: Marantec

Front case colour: Light Grey

Back case colour: Dark Grey, Light Grey

No of Buttons: Four

Light Colour: Red

Frequency: 433MHz, 868MHz

Button Colour: Grey

Product code - SKU: 0126

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