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 Paradox GS250 Multi Axis Detector images

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Paradox GS250 Multi Axis Detector

SKU: 6001

Price: R699

Available in 2-3 days from the order date

Free shipping to Gauteng.

This device attached to your valuables like LED televisions will trigger when the equipment is picked up or moved. This means it can be armed 24 hours a day giving you peace of mind.

  • Three-axis (X, Y, and Z axis) accelerometer detection
  • Adjustable sensitivity for any installation (additional grace period of up to four seconds can be added): 
      -Short movement (High-security) = 1 to 3-seconds 
      -Long movement (Standard-security) = 3 to 5-seconds
  • Long battery life (2 years with two detections per week)
  • Low battery and RF supervision
  • Dual-tamper detection for removal or opening of the device

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Product details

Category: Alarms

Product weight: 0.25 kg.

Manufacturer: Paradox

Product code - SKU: 6001

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