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 Paradox MG-PMD75 Wireless PIR images

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Paradox MG-PMD75 Wireless PIR

SKU: 2142

Price: R1 249

In stock

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The perfect motion sensor for homes with pets. Works with Magellan 5050 and 6150 wireless alarm panels.

Battery powered and wireless for neat and trouble-free installations

  • Pet immune to animals weighing up to 40kg (90lb)
  • Adjustable sensitivity

  • 11m x 11m (35ft x 35ft) with 90° viewing angle

  • Alive software (alarm LED continues to display when PIR is in energy save mode without compromising battery life)

  • 3-minute energy save mode after two detections within a five-minute period

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Product details

Category: Alarms

Product weight: 0.5 kg.

Manufacturer: Paradox

Product code - SKU: 2142

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