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 Sherlotronics Apollo 1ch Receiver images

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Sherlotronics Apollo 1ch Receiver

SKU: 0317

Price: R299

Free postage for orders over R100 and less than 2kg.

Remote receiver for gates, garages and alarm systems.


Gate & Garage Door Access Control
Panic Activations
Arming / Disarming Alarm systems
Switching On / Off lights
Switching On / Off Generators

Code-Hopping Encryption
Latch or Momentary
Selectable Momentary times:
1 Sec; 3Sec; 1min; 3min
Buzzer tone
Crystal Controlled +/- 100KHz
Frequency: 403MHz
12 - 24V AC/DC input

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Product details

Category: Remotes

Product weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: Sherlotronics

Product code (SKU): 0317

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