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 Telcoma 2 Button Remote images

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Telcoma 2 Button Remote

SKU: 0058

Price: R299

In stock

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Remote control for gate or garage door.

2 button Telcoma remote. User programmable using buttons to set the position of 10 DIP switches.

To program:Establish 10 DIP switch code by looking at the receiver or another working transmitter. Open remote and bridge jumper.
Usining the two internal buttons, set the 10 digit code, top button = 1 and bottom button = 0, so if code is 10101 01010, the sequence to set the code would be TOP BOTTOM TOP BOTTOM etc...

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Product details

Category: Remotes

Product weight: 0.1 kg.

Manufacturer: MAMI

Front case colour: Blue

Back case colour: Blue

No of Buttons: Two

Light Colour: Red

Frequency: 403MHz

Button Colour: Blue, Red

Product code (SKU): 0058

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