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Types of Extinguishers

Range of Fire Extinguishers for Domestic Use

Now we know what types of fire we are dealing with, there is a range of extinguishers that can deal with various types of fire.


Water fie extinguishers are only type rated for Class A fires and presents risks when used in the vicinity of electrical equipment or on burning oils. These extinguishers are usually provided at a building in the form of a hosepipe, although they can be purchased in an extinguisher can.


Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class B fires and fires with an electrical complication.  Its most typical application is for use on office machinery and IT equipment.  In most cases they are not appropriate as the principle extinguisher type in a building as they are unable to achieve an Class A rating.


Powder fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Classes A B C and electrical fires.  It is a highly effective extinguishant but does present other problems.  It drastically reduces visibility, it can cause choking and respiratory distress in confined spaces.  It causes a great deal of mess and on exposure to atmospheric moisture can become corrosive.

Wet Chemical

This is a type of extinguisher designed specifically for use on deep fat fryers. They are also usually rated for Class A and B fires.  An essential piece of equipment where deep fat fryers are used.