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Types of Fires


Class A: Wood, Paper and Textiles

These are fuels that will burn to a carbonaceous ash. This is the most common type of fire and the first type to be considered when selecting an extinguisher. These substances might include waste paper, furnishings, and the fabric of a building, for instance doors, floorboards etc.

Class B: Flammable Fluids

Normally hydrocarbons, these include petrol, oil and many types of paints, thinners and solvents.

Class C: Gas

Fires caused by leaking gas, these should never be extinguished by anyone other than a trained fire-fighter.

Class D: Metals

Various metals will burn; these include magnesium, titanium, lithium and aluminium.  These types of fires are not typically found in a domestic setting, but rather in an industrial factory or in a disaster like a plane crash.

Class E

While there is no Class E fuel for the fire to consume, this class refers to fires where electricity may cause complications.

Class F: Cooking Fats and Oils

These are fuels found in commercial deep fat fryers.