Digidoor 24 – Console Programming Instructions

Restoring factory defaults and replacing the master console.
NOTE! Keep the carriage latch engaged at all times during this procedure

  1. Remove mains power and disconnect battery terminals from the motor.
  2. While depressing the Enter button on the motor, reapply mains power.
  3. Once the door is fully closed and UF is displayed, remove the mains power. The unit now has returned to the factory default setup and the master console has been removed from memory.
  4. Reapply mains power.
  5. Press the ‘S’ button on the power head and the display will flash ‘nr’.
  6. Press the ‘Operate’ button on the console.
  7. Display flashes ‘Cr’ on the operator.
  8. Press the ‘Operate’ button on console again to confirm, the lamp flashes 4 times.