Nova Voyager receiver

1. Identify MASTER transmitter.

  • The master transmitter can be identified by looking at the Nova Voyager receiver’s LED while pressing a button on the Nova transmitter. The LED will give one long flash followed by one short flash to indicate a master transmitter.
  • If the master transmitter is lost, the only way to add more transmitters is to first erase the receiver’s memory and then learn in a new master transmitter. Unfortunately all existing transmitters will have to be re-learned.

2. Add additional transmitters

  • Press any button on the MASTER transmitter for at least 10 flashes of the red LED. If the LED is not visible, count between 10 and twenty seconds. The receiver is now in learn mode for 10 seconds and the LED will remain on during this time.
  • Press the required button on a new Nova transmitter. The LED will flash and the learn mode is extended for 10 seconds.
    Repeat for additional transmitters.
  • 10 seconds after the last transmitter is learned the LED will turn off and the receiver will exit learn mode. The new transmitters are ready for use.

3. Create a new MASTER remote (If original MASTER is lost)

  • With power on and the receiver plugged in, bridge pins J1 or J2 with the jumper provided.
  • The red LED will flash eleven times. Removing the jumper during this time will cancel the erase operation.
  • After eleven flashes the LED will remain on, remove the jumper to completely erase the receiver’s memory.
  • Press and hold the new MASTER transmitter for 5 seconds, the gate will operate to indicate the transmitter is learned and is the MASTER.
  • For additional transmitters, go to step 2.