Load shedding – Wouldn’t it be nice to know when the power is off at home

With the recurrence of the dreaded load shedding from our favourite electricity supplier, the spectre of arriving home to find the electricity off is all too real.

One of the uses of the Centurion G-Switch is to warn you of this scenario in advance. Setting up one of its two inputs to a battery powered supply and connecting it to a simple relay, the G-Switch will sms you the moment the power is cut-off, and follow it up with another sms when the power is restored. So coming home in the dark won’t happen to you again.

All the setup for this and other clever applications can be done for you in our warehouse, all that needs to be done is to take it home and plug it in.

Our products have a twelve-month guarantee, backed by the manufacturers and backed by us. We cater for homes and businesses. Most of our products are DIY. Our knowledgeable staff will assist with technical issues. We can also recommend from a network of accredited installers.

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