Choosing the best position for your passive infra-red red (PIR) motion detector.

Because the detection angle of most PIRs is 90 degrees, it is best installed in the corner of the room at a height of about 2.2 metres.

For best results consider the following points when selecting the mounting point of your PIR:
– Ideally the PIR should be mounted so that the path of an intruder crosses the width of the detection area rather than approaching the PIR directly.
– Do not position the PIR where it is facing a window or in direct sunlight. This can cause false alarms and the direct sunlight will damage the detector. For this reason indoor PIR are not suitable for exterior use even when protected from the rain.
– Do not mount the PIR where it may be subject to excessive vibration.
– Do not install directly above a heatsource such as a fireplace or radiator.
– Choose an area that is free of draughts.
– Mount the PIR level. The best performance is achieved when the target moves from side to side.

IMPORTANT: Do not touch the PIR sensor in the middle of the circuit board as this will impair the detector’s ability to pick up motion. If you accidently touch it, clean with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Keep the PIRs lens free fom dirt and dust by wiping with a damp cloth every 3 – 6 months. Do not use any chemicals or solvents, a damp cloth only.

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